Sasaki Asian Chicken Salad with Ginger Dressing

Is one of your 2017 resolutions eating healthy?  It’s always easier said than done but I’ve been learning that it’s not that difficult to put it into action.  I don’t deprive myself when it comes to food but I eat in moderation.  If I have a rueben (it is one of my faves on the menu) for lunch I only eat a half of it or I’ll have a Sasaki salad for dinner.

Also, working out everyday became a routine for me over the years.  I admit that I hate running and doing cardio.  I can’t workout for hours either.  I just don’t enjoy it at all.  So what works for me is making time to workout everyday but only for 20-30 minutes a day and I choose workouts that works for me (yoga and pilates that is).

I’m no fitness expert by any means but I know how hard it is to find and stick with what works for you when it comes to eating well and staying in shape.  Do what works for you.  Don’t deprive yourself of anything but gain control of your actions.  When you enjoy what you’re putting into your system and taking care of your body you’ll see results instantly.